R Package for Downloading FIRST API Data

If there is any interest in learning how to do this within the R community please let me know and we can work it out together.

I took the world OPR data and made a graph.

EDIT: I made a better graph.


I created version 2.0.0 of the firstapiR package for downloading and manipulating FIRST API scouting data using the R language.

Here’s a link:


Once I started using the package to do OPR calculations, I realized it needed some improvements, specifically in how the data frames are shaped.

Stacy Irwin

***@ Stacy: thanks for posting this. I just send you a PM.

I am aware I am beating a dead horse here :deadhorse: , but using unmodified Sirwin’s code I am getting ~12 seconds with an i7-6560U (2.2GHz) and 8gb of RAM, memory usage is low so we can eliminate that as a factor. The bottleneck is (unsurprisingly) CPU clock cycle speed.

I’m using firstapiR v2.0.0

Skye Leake

I am getting ~0.93 seconds on a 10-year-old Pentium D desktop running 32-bit XP with 1G RAM.

:ahh: I obviously am doing something not quite right…

Your results look about right for R code that uses dense matrix technology.

In case anybody wants to learn R, here is a great way to get introduced http://swirlstats.com