[R02] Need someone to clarify!

<R02> D. states, “any appendage may not extend more than 14 in. beyond the frame perimeter” Does this mean that using software to restrict a mechanism from operating past the 14" perimeter is not acceptable and will result in failed inspection? In other words, is it legal to have a mechanism that can extend say, 20 inches past the robot’s boundaries but program it to limit the extension to only 14 in?

I think it means that you will pass inspection, but if your robot does it in a match, you will be penalized. This might be a question for the q&a, just to make sure.

Yes this is allowed but you should be asked to demonstrate the function during inspection and the head ref will be told to watch for the possible penalty

If you have something that is capable of breaking the rule but is theoretically restricted by software, what I’ve seen done in past years is they’ll put you on a list (and maybe put a special sticker on your robot), and the ref will pay special attention in a match.

I think as long as it doesn’t go past, you’ll be fine. But, as others have said, the refs can’t quite be sure it didn’t go past 14. If it can, they’ll have to worry about it, becuase technically, you might’ve hit 15 and they coulnd’t tell becuase you were on the field. It seems a little risky.