R06 clarification

Reading rule six it says you must use the provided rover wheels to provide traction. Does anyone else think the means for driven wheels only?? Could we use sticky wheels for steering?

It means no wheels that aren’t rover wheels.

ROBOTs must use ROVER WHEELS (as supplied in the 2009 Kit Of Parts and/or their equivalent as provided by the supplying vendor) **to provide traction between the ROBOT and the ARENA. **Any number of ROVER WHEELS may be used. The ROVER WHEELS must be used in a “normal” orientation (i.e. with the tread of the wheel in contact with the ground, with the axis of rotation parallel to the ground and penetrating the wheel hub). No other forms of traction devices (wheels, tracks, legs, or other devices intended to provide traction) are permitted. The surface tread of the ROVER WHEELS may not be modified except through normal wear-and-tear. Specifically, the addition of cleats, studs, carved treads, alterations to the wheel profile, high-traction surface treatments, adhesive coatings, abrasive materials, and/or other attachments are prohibited. The intent of this rule is that the ROVER WHEELS be used in as close to their “out of the box” condition as possible, to provide the intended low-friction dynamic performance during the game

If it contacts the ground, it provides traction. If it provides traction, it must be a rover wheel. Therefore, if it contacts the ground, it must be a rover wheel.

EricH is right. I had hoped to make a walker robot with plungers or something. But, alas that’s not allowed either.

The only way i could see you not having to use the rover wheels would be to make a hovercraft.

What’s stopping you from mounting the wheels locked and making a walker with those?

Sure, you wouldn’t get any additional traction and could easily be pushed… but hey, it’s a walker bot =P

heh. Yeah, i did think about that too. It would still be cool, but probably not worth it.

I would say that that is legal PROVIDED that the rest of <R06> is followed. That could pose an issue, because the axis of rotation must go through the wheel hub.

No problem. Mount the wheel normally, then put a friction brake on the top.