R06 - weight and configuration

My team has run into something of a weight problem. We have what amounts to a low riding set of wings to corral balls, and then a large lifter to manipulate the 2X multipliers. Both assemblies can work and function indipendently, and both are easy to install and remove, however the robot with both attatched is over weight. The dilema is that we will probably just barely have those assemblies together in time to crate, and so can’t evaluate the effect of each until we’re at competition.
If we packed both into the crate, could we choose one at the competition site during weigh in? I read R06 to say that we would then not be allowed to change our minds later. What if we completely dissassembled and reassembled the devices into their component parts on site-- then could we swap out? What if we brought raw materials and made one of the parts completly on site? At what level does R06 apply to us?

This sounds like a question for the FIRST Q&A. I think disassembling the systems and putting one together and changing out cause the other isn’t working… well I think that’s the lawyerism that FIRST is discouraging this year, as the other system is clearly interchangeable and such and should therefore be weighed with the robot. Having it disassembled is just trying to get around the rule.

That being said, why can’t you change them out during practice rounds and decide which one you want there? It’s perfectly legal if you pick one before inspection and stick with that one through the competition.

thats basically what he’s asking. can we have both of these systems on the robot, then at the competition, pick one and go with it. or completely fabricate a new one on site.

Kevin here have the right answer. Your robot do not need to pass inspection to go to practice round on Thursday. So take advantage of that opportunity to try out both device, and choose the appropiate one for your robot. After doing so, understand that you cannot change your mind and decide to use the other device on the robot.

You may only use whatever components you included in the weight in during competition, and their replacement parts.

that answers that question, but what level of fabrication can we do at the competition, can we basically change our whole design if we find that neither work as we expected?

I believe the answer to that question is you may change the design of your robot before weight in. After weight in, you have to stick with your decision. The level of fabrication you can do at the competition is stated in the rule book. You may use the machine shop on site, and make parts with whatever raw material you bring to the competition.

The weight issue only will be invoked if you have two attachmaents and you want to qualify both of them but only use on at a time. Both plus the robot must be under 130. (I don’t think this rule is very good BTW) You will have plenty of time at the regional to make up your mind, so ship both.