Our team has a part of the design that spins and is in an area that would potentially contact a human or player. No, we can put a shield around it on the sides, but not the top or bottom or sides. Would that be considered a violation of [R08]? It isn’t rotating very fast ~1.3 to ~5 revolutions per second, and only has a 7.9" protrusion possible even possible to touch with the shield on. (the full rotating piece however is a different size however). Does this seem unsafe? It’s not like it constantly rotates or anything like that, and there is the ability to safely turn off the system by a judge.

Robot parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe condition, or interfere with the operation of other Robots.

Examples of items that will violate this rule include (but are not limited to):
Shields, curtains, or any other devices or materials designed or used to obstruct or limit the vision of any drivers and/or coaches and/or interfere with their ability to safely control their Robot
Speakers, sirens, air horns, or other audio devices that generate sound at a level sufficient to be a distraction
Any devices or decorations specifically intended to jam or interfere with the remote sensing capabilities of another Robot, including vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infra-red proximity detectors, etc.(e.g. including imagery on your Robot that, to a reasonably astute observer, mimics the Vision Target)
Exposed lasers other than Class I.
COTS devices with completely enclosed integral lasers, such as a laser ring gryo, are permitted.
Flammable gasses
Any devices intended to produce flames or pyrotechnicsHydraulic fluids or hydraulic components

Teams should provide MSD Sheets for any materials they use that might be considered questionable during Robot Inspecttion.

The Robot must satisfy the following size constraints:
A. horizontal dimensions must not exceed 28 by 38 in.,
B. the absolute height must not exceed 84 in.,
C. the height of the Robot at the start of the match must not exceed 60 in.,
D. any appendage may not extend more than 14 in. beyond the frame perimeter, and
E. no other part of the Robot may extend beyond the vertical projection of the Frame Perimeter (with the
exception of minor protrusions permitted per 0).

Based on [R02], I would say it probably okay, but that still depends on exactly what said “device” is

Any answer you get to a question of “is this safe?” is going to depend highly on what “it” is.

You said it “would potentially contact a human or player.” Would, or could? There are a lot of designed that could be dangerous… but they’re still relatively safe from a game play perspective as it would be difficult for it to injure someone standing off the field.

Without more information on your exact design, it’s really difficult for anyone to tell you if it would pass inspection (of course, even if someone does tell you that it will, the inspectors opinion might differ… and the LRI has the final say, regardless of what you might hear on ChiefDelphi).

I’de rather not provide any more information, but I believe our team has come to a conclusion.

Thanks teams! :smiley: will still provide question to GDC

Eagle has it right…Based on your team number, I’m assuming your a rookie team. In that case, remember CD is just a public forum, nothing said here is legally binding. This decision is really up to the inspections at your specific event.

Very true. I’m guessing that your rotating object is either a wheel or some form of turret. While on the field, this won’t likely contact a human, but it might contact game pieces. If a ball is fired by another robot and contacts your device in passing, what will happen to the ball? Will it damage the ball if it becomes lodged on your robot next to this device?

1189 had two exposed wheels mounted on the top of our robot to fire balls, and it was allowed with no problems. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a better answer as to how safe it is unless we know what it is that you’re rotating, and we can’t give more than our best advice and guesses (we’re not safety judges or inspectors!).

Just a warning… be careful how you word your question to the GDC. If it’s similar to the nature of the question you posted here, you’ll get an answer like “We do not comment on specific robot designs”. I can’t count the number of times we see that answer every year on the Q&A.

Even with a detailed description, I doubt anyone (even Al) could give you a definitive answer through the web - you really do have to see these things to figure it out.