<R12> Question

on rule #12 in the ROBOT section, is mantioned that you can expaned your robot up to 72 inches.
the question is:
does the 72 inches include the robot’s length or it is only about the accesories expantion?

it says you can expand past 72 x 72…so if thats ramps or your arm it doesnt matter…

The 72" by 72" box does include the length of your robot. Your entire robot (manipulators + drivetrain) must fit inside this box at all times when you are not in your home zone. your robot may be placed in this box in any orientation however.

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You can find the official Q and A ruling regarding the orientation of the robot here

Simply put, that’s the whole banana.
Because the extensions are part of the robot, the robot and extensions are measured as one. 72"X72" is maximum, period. That is, outside the home zone. Inside the home zone is unlimited.

It’s basically saying that your robot’s footprint can’t extend past 72"x72" when in the game field. But when in your home zone, the robot has no max dimension (i.e. for ramps, etc).

<R12> Once the match has started, the ROBOT may assume a PLAYING CONFIGURATION that exceeds the size dimensions specified in Rule <R07>. While outside of its HOME ZONE, a ROBOT may expand up to a maximum width of 72 inches and depth of 72 inches. While entirely inside of its own HOME ZONE, there is no limit to the maximum width or depth of the ROBOT, as long as it remains entirely within the HOME ZONE. There are no height limits for a ROBOT in its PLAYING CONFIGURATION at any time after the start of the match (other than those naturally created by the ceiling height of the competition venue).

So for the record, prior to match start, a robot must be able to fit, unconstrained by the inspection box, in a 28 x 38 footprint with a predetermined height class of 48, 60 or 72 inches high. After match start and outside the home zone, your robot may expand to 72 x 72 inches with a height only limited by the ceiling height of the venue.