R16 interpretation

My team has a question regarding rule 16. We have arms out in front to pick up the ball, and a launching system in the back. The arms can rotate around to place the ball in the launch position. If our arms are out in front, and our launching mechanism is also deployed simultaneously, our robot violates the 80 inch rule. The rule does say in any configuration, doesn’t it? But, in the match, our robot will not have both systems deployed at the same time. the arms have to hold the ball in order for it to be launched.

If necessary, we have a mechanism to attach to it to make sure only one can be used at a time. But it would be better if we did not have to use it.

It’s in play. If you violate the rule during play, you will be flagged; if you don’t, then you won’t be.

simply because you can violate the rule isn’t an offense as long as you don’t do it in a match, and I’m sure you don’t plan to so I think you have no cause for alarm.

This is the perfect sort of question to ask FIRST directly.
Chief Delphi is absolutely NOT an authortative source for rules.

Better yet, check the Q&A to see if it has been answered already. (Like this one.)

Thanks for the help. I looked around to see if it had already been answered, but I didn’t find anything when I looked. I’ll look there next time.