<R16> Rule Question

<R16> Once the MATCH has started, the ROBOT may assume a PLAYING CONFIGURATION that is different from the STARTING CONFIGURATION. The ROBOT must be designed such that the PLAYING CONFIGURATION of the ROBOT shall not exceed the dimensions specified in Rule <R11>.

I know this means that an arm or other robot part cannot be extended intentionally beyond the starting dimensions. However, would we be in breach of this rule if we used, for example, two of the wheels as casters (free pivot) on a chassis built exactly as big as the max dimensions specify, and during a turn part of the free pivoting wheel extended outside of the chassis? The wheel would still technically be under the bumper and not protruded.

try here

It says refer to R11 for the dimensions, the dimensions in R11 specifically say 28" x 38", which in no way includes the bumpers for that. Also for a secondary source, R08 says:
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BUMPERS have several advantages, such as reducing damage to ROBOTS when they contact other ROBOTS or ARENA elements, and being excluded from the calculation of ROBOT weight and volume
constraints specified in Rule <R11>

From that, you can’t assume the bumpers count in any way as part of the robots dimensions in R11. Now if someone is actually going to call you on that, I don’t know. But strictly playing to the rules, it would seem illegal.