R17 Bumper...To bag or not to bag?

A search on this new format in CD had only a post from 2013 relating to bumper bagging. Does this year’s game manual allow a team to leave their bumpers out of their bag? A single Q and A answer simply refers the questioner to R17 which seems to mention the bumpers as an entity separate from the ROBOT. The glossary of terms then states a BUMPER definition as a required assembly that attaches **to ** the ROBOT frame. But the definition of ROBOT says a ROBOT must include all the basic systems needed to participate including a BUMPER.
Does anyone have a definitive answer I can share with our local teams that have asked if they have to bag their bumpers? Late in the game but still relevant:)

All ROBOT elements (including items intended for use during the competition in alternative
configurations of the ROBOT), with the exception of the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE per R23,
exceptions listed in R15, and COTS items, must be bagged and sealed, by 04:59 UTC on Stop
Build Day, Wednesday, February 20, 2019

“exceptions listed in R15”

means that you don’t have to put the bumpers in the bag.

Thanks for the confirmation Jim. :slight_smile:

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