<R19> ROBOTS must be designed so that in normal operation BALLS cannot extend more than 3 inches inside the FRAME PERIMETER below the level of the BUMPER ZONE.

I’m a bit confused sounds like some people may be as well.

It can not go below more than 3", but it could go above the bumper zone more than 3"? Am I reading this wrong?

Try <G46>:

<G46> BALL Penetration Restriction – The BALL must not extend more than 3 inches inside the FRAME PERIMETER as defined in Rule <R19>. Violation: PENALTY for a basic infraction, plus a YELLOW CARD if no immediate attempt to remedy.

I think that it is legal for the ball to extend more than 3" inside of the robot above the bumper perimeter, however, I think this would count as possession since the ball probably would not be touching the ground anymore.

I believe that the intent of this rule is to prevent teams from engulfing balls under their robots in order to herd them. That would make defense impossible for the opposing alliance.

Hope that cleared it up a bit.

I know Rules are the most important, but the comment after <G46> is a little confusing to me.

“A BALL trapped under a ROBOT, intentionally or unintentionally, will be considered POSSESSED until it is dislodged from the ROBOT. Teams are encouraged to design and drive with this in mind.”

Does that mean the balls are able/allowed to go farther under than the 3 inches so long as they are underneath the robot rather than in/on it? I wouldn’t think this would be allowed based on <G46> and <R19>, clarification would be appreciated.

While under the robot the ball may not go further than 3 inches past the frame perimeter of the robot. The ball may not be possessed by a robot while not touching the ground.

Nope. Remember, <G46> is a penalty. Not only that, you can’t control another ball (penalty, <G43>).

Are they able to go under? Most likely. But you really don’t want to be stuck on one all match. Design so the balls don’t go under, and so that you can get them out quickly if they do.

9 inch balls, 10-16 inch bumper perimeter, double penalty.

You only get 3 inches of grip on the ball. It makes this game hard…

Well, I believe you can get a little more than 3 because it says FRAME PERIMETER. Also, you can extend your robot’s grasping mechanism to the limits of your bumper boundary.

If it’s an active one, you just violated <G45>. If it’s there for more than 2 seconds, you just violated <G30>. And if the ball goes more than 3 inches inside the frame, <G46> violation.

Just some design considerations that you’ll want to take into account when designing said grasping mechanism.

I believe you are allowed to extend a mechanism to the limit of your bumpers BELOW the bumpers which what I meant. Giving you 3" plus the width of your bumpers.

It seems one has only violated <G45> if they have grabbed it above the BUMPER ZONE or lifted it off the carpet. I would think that as long as you keep it under 2 seconds and keep it on the ground, you could have up to six inches of interaction.

True. OK. So <G30-A> is the only rule that would really apply. That’s going to be tricky to do.