R2OC 2021 - Rock River Off-season Competition - Team List and Stream Link

Rock River Off-Season Competition is back for another great competition this time outside at the Rockford City Market under a covered pavilion! Event takes place Sunday 7/25. First matches are scheduled to start at 9am central.

Stream will take place at twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Team List:

Number Name City State
0111 WildStang Arlington Heights IL
0167 Children of the Corn Iowa City IA
0525 Swartdogs Cedar Falls IA
1625 Winnovation Winnebago IL
2039 Rockford Robotics Rockford IL
2194 Fondy Fire Fond du Lac WI
2338 Gear It Forward Oswego IL
2451 PWNAGE St. Charles IL
3352 Flaming Monkeys Belvidere IL
3940 CyberTooth Kokomo IN
4096 Ctrl-Z Champaign IL
4213 MetalCow Robotics Bloomington IL
4655 Stateline Robotics Rockton IL
5041 CyBears West Branch IA
5125 Hawks on the Horizon Chicago IL
5822 WolfByte Chicago IL
5847 Ironclad Bradley IL
5934 Crowbotics DeKalb IL

Note: 2194 has dropped out and will be replaced by a second 2451 team


We’re live with some awesome teams and matches! Outside and loving it!

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R2OC Playoffs underway at Twitch

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Congrats to the winning alliance: 525, 3940 and 5822.

VoD is up at Twitch



The R2OC event was really a great off season opportunity. I want to give a big THANKS to the event planning committee and all the volunteers for a well planned and run off season competition. The matches flowed smoothly and teams were able to get 6 qualifying matches in each. I especially liked the playoff format that allowed for all 18 teams to compete in the playoffs.

Our team, 525, was impressed with the high level of performance by all teams attending. We were fortunate to have two great alliance partners for the playoffs. Team 3940 was amazingly consistent in scoring a lot of Power Cells and hanging and Team 5822 played some great defense in the finals to help our alliance build a huge scoring lead going into the endgame. Congrats also to the finalist alliance of 5847, 2451 and 3352. The finals matches were close and exciting to watch.

Finally, it was very motivating to have this opportunity for students to compete again. We had many on the team who are new to FRC or didn’t get to go to a competition last year and this was a great way to introduce them to the excitement of FRC. Thanks again to the R2OC event planners and volunteers for making this opportunity available.


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