R30C Bumper squishing rules vs Rampbot

My team is currently having issues interpreting rule R30C. If a ramp leans against and compresses the bumpers when its deployed at the end of a match I feel that this will cause the bumpers to be unevenly compressed over a few matches. Would this be considered illegal?

I’d love your thoughts on this rule! It’s very time sensitive!

Bumpers will need to be reasonably non deformed. I would think you would have to squish them pretty badly for them to take a permanent set.

Depending on how the ramps are supported, 150lbs on each bumper would probably qualify as “badly compressing them.”

If I was a ref, and your robot came out with more slanted than round bumpers, I’d probably point it out to you and the nearest RI for consideration.

Pool noodles rarely deform when compressed for short periods of time. However, this is a good question for the LRI at your events. Keep them in the loop. LRI/RI are trained to look for bumpers that are intentionally compressed to less than nominal diameters.

In hindsight are you able to brace above the bumpers so that when the ramp deploys in will sit on the brace instead of the bumpers in order to relieve the stress of alot of weight sitting on the bumpers?