<R33> and Robot Figure 4-7: Contradictory?

To the best of my understanding, Fig. 4-7 directly contradicts R33. Am I missing something?

However, in Figure 4-7, the example gaps of 7" deep, 7" wide and 1/4" deep, 10" wide are both marked as “OK”. Doesn’t the first gap violate “the gap between the backing material and the frame must not be greater than ¼ in.” and the second gap violate “no section of Bumper greater than 8 in. may be unsupported”? Is the figure just wrong?

It’s an either/or kind of condition. If the gap between the bumper and the backing is less than 1/4" then the bumper is “supported”. If the gap is greater than 1/4", then the bumper is “unsupported”. You can only have 8" of contiguous “unsupported” bumper.

Eureka. That makes sense. Many thanks.