R35 and Springs

Would the use of a spring to help balance a rotating ball intake be legal according to R35?

R35 Non-electrical sources of energy used by the ROBOT, (i.e., stored at the start of a MATCH), shall
come only from the following sources:
A. compressed air stored in the pneumatic system that has been charged in compliance with
R79 and R80,
B. a change in the altitude of the ROBOT center of gravity,
C. storage achieved by deformation of ROBOT parts,
D. closed-loop COTS pneumatic (gas) shocks, and
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E. air-filled (pneumatic) wheels.

I would define spring energy as energy stored by deformation of a ROBOT part, so yes, that is legal.

Joseph Smith is correct. Springs are deformed part of the robot and legal.

The biggest concern that inspectors will have concerning springs is R9.

Make sure that they are made safe at all times.

The best way to make sure your spring won’t spontaneously disassemble itself into someone’s face is to put a string through the center. You still want to make sure you have all of the proper locks and safety mechanisms to make sure it is safe otherwise, but the string will help.