R6 says that the game pieces have to be easily and safely removable from the robot, but does not give us any explanation to what is easy. The safe part is easy to understand but is also subjective.

Example let’s say a team uses a clamping mechanism to grab the totes and or cans using pneumatics, would it be considered “easy” to simply empty the air tanks, or maybe pulling a pin at one of the mechanisms pivot points?

Generally, yes. The intent is to make sure it doesn’t delay match cycle time.

In my opinion and experience, that would be considered easy. I have no ruling authority.

Field Reset crews are instructed to not touch the robots and to wait for teams to remove game pieces.

The inspector will check that you can remove the items as part of your inspection. They will evaluate it at that time to determine if it is easy and safe. The field staff will not take issue with it unless you take a long time and it delays the field reset. Remember that you are not allowed to tether after the match to release the game piece.

The G11 blue box is what should inform your opinion on this. Yellow card for significant repeated delays to field reset. The blue box suggests you should be able to clear the field in less than 60 seconds after you’re let on. As long as the dump valve is accessible, you should be able to do a dump and open a mechanism in much less than 60 seconds.

As others have said, we’re looking for safe and quick removal so we can avoid delaying match reset. Emptying air would be perfectly acceptable, as would any sort of quick manual manipulation of your robot mechanisms. While the blue box says 60 seconds, I personally try to Design for a max of 15 seconds.

Related question:
Assume you are programming in labview and have said tote clamping mechanism. If you program your end.vi to leave the gripper open, at the end of the match will the gripper be open?

Finish.vi never runs during normal operation. You will either have to open the gripper explicitly while the robot is still enabled, or use a single-acting pneumatic solenoid that automatically opens the gripper when deactivated.