<R72> and the compressor

Rule <R72> States:

In addition to the items included in the KOP, pneumatic system items specifically permitted on 2010 FRC ROBOTS include the following items. All included items must be “off the shelf” pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for pressure of at least 125psi, and used in their original, unaltered condition (except as required for assembly with other components).
A. One or two additional Clippard air storage tanks (Clippard Part Number AVT-32-16), equivalent to those provided in the kit. This means that up to four, and no more, Clippard air storage tanks can be used on the ROBOT.
B. Pneumatic pressure vent plug valves functionally equivalent to those provided in the KOP (Parker Part Number PV609-2).
C. Solenoid valves. All such valves must have a maximum ⅛” NPT port diameter, and a maximum Cv of 0.32 (if non-KOP valves are used, the team will be required to provide part documentation validating that the valves meet these constraints).
D. In addition to the pneumatic cylinders provided in the KOP and the “free” pneumatic cylinders available for order through the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form, additional air cylinders or rotary actuators may be used. Cylinders may be of any configuration, and may be of any size up to a maximum of 24-inch stroke and 2-inch diameter.
E. Additional 0.160” inch inside diameter pneumatic tubing functionally equivalent to that provided in the KOP, with the pressure rating clearly factory-printed on the exterior of the tubing (note: alternate tubing colors are acceptable).
F. Pressure transducers, pressure gauges, and connecting fittings.
G. Pressure regulators with a maximum bypass pressure of no more than 60psi.
H. For the purposes of the FIRST competition, a device that creates a vacuum is not considered to be a pneumatic device and are not subject to the pneumatic rules (although they must still satisfy all other appropriate rules). These include, but are not limited to, venturi-type vacuum generators and off-the-shelf vacuum devices (as long as they are powered by provided or permitted motors).
I. For the purposes of the FIRST competition, closed-loop pneumatic (gas) shocks are not considered pneumatic devices, and are not subject to the pneumatic rules (although they must still satisfy all other appropriate rules).

Nowhere in this rule is the air compressor mentioned. The compressor is in the rookie KOP, but not in the veteran KOP. Is it legal for rookies to use and not for veterans to use?

This may seem silly, but I was talking about the game with a rookie mentor from a veteran team and he was shocked that I argued they were allowed to use a compressor, since it didn’t come in their KOP and <R72> doesn’t say it is allowed.

Am I correct in assuming the compressor is allowed for all teams? I know what happens when you assume and that happens enough to me as it is.

Happy building!


<R75> Compressed air for the pneumatic system on the ROBOT must be provided by one and only one compressor. This compressor may be either the Thomas Industries compressor from the KOP, **or an equivalent compressor that does not exceed any of the KOP compressor performance specifications **(specifically: 12v, 0.8cfm flow rate, 120psi continuous pressure, 120psi maximum pressure compressor). Note: if an alternative compressor is used, during inspection the team may be required to provide documentation to show compliance with the performance specifications. Compressed air shall not come from any other source. The compressor may be mounted on the ROBOT, or it may be left off the ROBOT and used to pre-charge compressed air in the storage tanks prior to bringing the ROBOT onto the FIELD. Off-board compressors must be controlled and powered by the ROBOT.

I know this is off topic but, would the leaf blower idea being thrown out there be considered compressed air?

If it creates compressed air for the pneumatic system (and leaf blowers can) then it would be illegal.

If it was to be used as a fan (and used a KoP motor) … then I’d Q&A it on the FIRST forums.

Blowers have never been considered pneumatic in the past.

Anther interesting question as you have a $3,500 robot budget.

you don’t have to account for items in the KOP yet vetrans did not recieve “big ticket” items such as the compressor and cRio. So the question is as a vetran team do we have to account for these items as they are not I our KOP. Just something we were talking about last night as we finished placing exapensive orders for these items.

I read
• All KOP items used on the ROBOT must be included in the BOM. The source for each of the KOP items should be listed as “KOP” and the indicated cost should be listed as “$0.00.

as just that. There is no distinction in the veteran or rookie KOP just KOP. Veterans should not be held to a different standard than rookies just the cost savings of not having to provide parts that veteran teams should have in their possession.

Please no flames on that last part, it has been discussed at length elsewhere. I see both sides.

Colin -

You might want to read the formal definition of “Kit Of Parts” in the beginning of Chapter 8. You may find it illuminating.