The Operator Console must include a graphic display to present the Driver Station disgnostic information. It must be positioned within the Operator Console so that the screen display can be clearly seen during Inspecttion and during operation in a match.

The screen of your laptop would suffice here, correct? Assuming you’re running a laptop anyways I guess, on your Operator Console. They’re not intending a second screen or something?

I would say thats a fairly good assumption. Of course, the only official way to know is to ask the Q&A.


Yes, the laptop screen is fine. (I wouldn’t bother with the Q&A on this one—let them concentrate on questions regarding actual errors and omissions. If laptop screens are unacceptable, they’ll have a few thousand angry teams. It won’t be a problem.)

In prior years some teams would obscure or block the screen making it impossible, or at best difficult, for the FTA or field crew to peek over the drive team’s shoulders to see why their robot had stopped moving on the playing field.

The diagnostics screen on the Driver Station is invaluable for troubleshooting on the fly.

Figured as much. Just the wording was a bit ambiguous to me. Thanks ya’ll. 2656 wishes everyone the best of luck this season!

What’s the point of that?

You might refine your question better, since I can’t tell which of the several possibilities “that” refers to.

I think sometimes teams do it as part of a design or look and feel, not to make life difficult for the FTA/crew. But it is something to think about when designing your DS setup