<R87> and vacuum

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Rule <R87> states:
“For the purposes of the FIRST competition, a device that creates a vacuum is not considered to be a pneumatic device and is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, venturi-type vacuum generators and off-the-shelf vacuum devices (as long as they are powered by provided or permitted motors).”

We are thinking about mounting a sort of Oreck vacuum on the chasis, and then a hose that runs out to the end of the arm, which can then use it’s vacuum powers to lift/hold the trackball.

The rule referenced above stated it can be off the shelf, given that it uses “provided or permitted motors”. This particular unit currently runs 110V AC. We’d have to somehow find a way to invert the power and manage the battery drain.

Can anyone comment on the legality of this idea?

And, if anyone is wondering, I did try to post this in the FIRST 2008 Q&A forum section, but it kept insisting I could not make a thread there. I am registered.

It should be legal as long as you switch the motors out for a legal motor and the entire ensemble is under the price limit.

Chris McKenzie

no this rule means that you must change our the motor so you can’t use an invert

Personally, I suggest you try converting something like a Ryobi TuffSucker (model# P710) or a portable Wet/Dry Canister Vac (model# P3200) and replacing its motor with something like an FP or BaneBots (suggest FP).

The portable Wet/Dry Canister Vac is probably the closest to what you’re looking for, though i have no idea how it’s motor mounts inside beyond it’s probably not too much different in performance from the FP.

Interesting idea.


It is possible and legal to swap out the motors in a commercial vacuum cleaner for a CIM or FP and achieve successful results.

Two FP motors and a shop vac work great!:smiley: