Ra Cha Cha Vex Game Announcement!

Well the wait is over…So introducing the 2007 Ra Cha Cha vex game…


Check out the rules and register on the ruckus website http://ruckus.penfieldrobotics.com/vex


looks like fun Greg!

My team can’t wait to compete.


wahoo, just got back at the dorm after having a great weekend away from tv, internet, phones and everything else.

Can’t wait till next week to start thinking and building the winning robot. :stuck_out_tongue: (long story about the delay and don’t feel like explaining it.)

Good luck teams. I’m excited on seeing what is built.

Just a quick reminder that this game is open for everyone to compete. No age limits or grade restrictions, so mentors and students alike break out those vex kits and get to building.

Just a couple of questions…
What is the circular goal made from? Lexan?
Is there a border around the field?
Who is making this field?

Last I remember, we thought the center goal would be made of PVC with the dividor made of Lexan.

There would be a border around the field.

And it would be greg who is building it, so he might change his mind on what the center goal is made of. PVC is just what we thought of on the spot.

Is there like a 3 second pinning rule in effect?

I’ve been watching the ruckus Vex games for a while… allways have cool design ideas but It’s just way too far away… too bad there is nothing like this out here…

well I would be more then happy to send you the cad models, and you can use the game rules for the vex event your team will put on. :wink:

We are asking everyone to play nice.

Play nice

I’m asking this because, if i make a speedy robot, i will have no pushing power. so a way to defend me easily is to pin me. So will they be penalized if they pin for more then 3 seconds?

Alex, quit whining already. You have lost before you start. The powerful robots do not have to pin to hold. Just corner you and sit in the way. Better plan for the power that can be unleashed.

All that said I don’t think I will have a robot this year. Most of my parts are in use for a firefighting robot that we are building for a competition here in November.

haha, just poking a little fun.

fire fighting robot eh?

you coming down again this year?


I believe I am as long as I can get my room again. I know that someone has her mind on someone and something else at the moment so I don’t want to get her out of focus, if you know what I mean.

I don’t remember seeing deployables as being illegal in the rules…

Would be illegal to deploy and detach a barrier to keep the other team from driving into the endzone to take out tennis balls?

I can imagine a device with 1-2 motors (depending on speed) that could expand and block it off, then detach from the robot.

It’d definately be an interesting strategy.

Hmmm… Or something that expands and blocks half the center goal… could use some fabric from the $50 non vex allowance.

yeah i am gonna have to start brainstorming on this one. simple worked last year for me so i may stay with a similar approach. Cormier wanna have some build sessions again?

Well i have 3 designs. 1 solely D design, 1 mega Offense design and an all around design. i have yet to figure out which to go towards. i’ve been very busy doing the college thing too much to think about this game.

yeah i am just gonna have to sit down and think for a while…possibly today…or soon…

Not to worry, there are plenty of us here to house a crazy spikey-multi-colored-hair guy from Canada for a day or too. We figure the someone who has her mind on someone and something else at the moment deserves all the support she can get from the rest of us! :wink: