Ra Cha Cha Vex Game

The wait is over (alex). The Ra Cha Cha Ruckus off season event is hosting our own vex game, with a twist. This game is open to everyone, Children of all ages (5-99) anyone can play. Please checkout the rules and registration will be open soon.

Rules: http://robot.midnightinvention.com/vexgame.pdf


Now THIS is a game I can get behind! Lots of scoring opportunities, playable with a Squarebot but harder to dominate, and a big ol’ center field structure. I’m in love.

Two questions come up:

  1. By “designated ground scoring area,” you mean that the balls simply have to be on your side of the ramp?

  2. The rules say “Robots built with the sole intention of the destruction of the field or
    other robots will not be tolerated.” Is tipping, particularly on the ramp, considered destruction?

What the considered ramp for the 20 pts? your color ramp or white?

Awesome game Greg. Congrats to the Roch crew for putting it together.

  1. yes. Every ball on yourside of the ramp is worth 1 point; ie. each team starts with 30 pts.

  2. Tipping is not destruction. Although building something that does nothing but tip isn’t that cool of an idea…right kids?

Any part of the 30 deg ramp is considered ramp for 20 pts. Per the definition of the 30deg ramp.


Nice job greg, I was getting a bit worried I wouldn’t have anything to give to my rookies to start working on. Now I do. I may have my vet’s build a robot to compete against the rookies.

Wow… that’s amazing. I’m gonna have to replicate this field and force my team to teach the new students (I don’t like “rookies”) with our Vex bots using this game. I hope you don’t mind… lol. Man, wish I lived in NY now.

Just come on over! According to Google Earth, it’s only 750 miles and a 13.5 hour trip! :smiley:

Speaking of which I will be releaseing mechanical drawings for the field soon for those who want to build elements like the ramps and/or goals.

The official FIRST Vex Challenge game is released in 5 days I beleive as well.

Great game Greg.

Looks very solid and i can’t wait to start building a robot for it.

Any idea of how many participants and when this will take place at the ruckus? I am also thinking of volunteering, so i kinda need that info if i am available to volunteer.

Where are the balls at the start of each match?

Yeah, I am potentially going to field a robot for this. Just a little info on when it will take place would be greatly appreciated.

Awesome Greg, can’t wait to actually see it in action

i wish i had vex :frowning: o well its on my list of “stuff i think i need but really dont but really want”

Didn’t the school district buy a few? Talk them into getting 1126 to play with one for the comp. Do it, Do it.

the balls are located in a rectangular pattern 2 deep by 15 long parrallel on the back wall centered and located on the outter goals.

Rule Clairifactions: A few people have asked me privatly about rules so i am going to post the answers publicly.

what surface is it on
carpet (similar to the FIRST floor) on the flat parts and the low ramp, the high ramps are painted MDF

whats the rule on tipping or wedges?
tipping rules will be the same as this year’s frc game, there are no problems with wedge robots design as long as they are used in a defensive mannor only.

Excellent, excellent!!!

My master plan for a pusher corner defensive bot is working out great!

all feel my wrath when game time is near.

:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: