Rack and Pinion System for Gripper

My team is between a few gripper designs, but we found this system (Lean SL double)](http://leantechnik.com/en/produkte/lean-sl/) from German manufacturer LeanTechnik. In essence its a self-contained two rack and pinion system driven by a motor. Does anyone know of am easier to source option or a way to build something similar?


Pneumatics or leadscrews would be my suggestion.
Can you get those quickly? If you can, then I can’t see a reason not to go for it.

This type of rack and pinion might be a big excessive for FRC, and would likely have a pretty long lead time

I’ve used a very similar setup for a steering rack in a formula race car, and we had to wait about a month for it to arrive. It was also several hundred dollars. May not be the easiest thing to interface with a FRC motor

Pneumatic cylinders are the non-exotic solution at the moment.

Lead time and price seem like some major issues. I’ve gotten in touch with the manufacturer and their American distributor out of curiosity.

Has anyone looked at a system like this?