Rack Construction

Is it just me or is there no explicit BOM for constructing the field? I see that it has been done already, but the drawings appear to only have item descriptions, not well-defined quantities. Any help would be appreciated, as we want to procure materials tomorrow.

Yes, Team 610 is also looking for a detailed list of materials needed to make the rack, it would make things much simpler for us…

We spent quite a lot of time @ a local Home Depot today trying to peice together what was needed…if anyone knows of the location of the list of materials for making the Rack, we would really really really appreciate it!!!

Thispage from the manual should give you all of the information that you need. I’ve found that there are very few questions such as these that are not addressed in the manual, the GDC pretty much thinks of all of our questions before we get there!

Beth, I think that page is for all of the official aluminum rack construction plans. I doubt many teams will be able to buid a full regulation competition rack.

The practice field (wood) version is here but really doesn’t provide a lot of the information needed to buy the needed materials or how they fit together. There are material lists but much of them simply state AR (As Required) for quantity. Also the plans show dimensions but not quantity to build and they are labeled as parts A…X on one sheet and numbered elsewhere. I have been looking at the 6 sheets in detail for the last hour or so, so we can head to the Depot tomorrow and I have no idea what we need to buy. There is no overall purchase list or BOM. It is very confusing at best. I hope FIRST supplies more information SOON!

One of our students was putting together a list of stuff we needed to buy. It took him like 2.5 hours to figure out how many of what went where, and then to figure out every single thing we needed to buy.

FWIW, we spent ~$600 on materials, most of it coming from home depot (full rack).

Cory, any chance that you can post the list your team member made? It would be very very very valuable to all the teams.

Thank you so much!

I’ll look for it as soon as I get to our lab today(about an hour or so). I don’t believe he made an electronic copy. so hopefully the paper copy is still floating around.

I’ve purchased (I hope) everything to build The Rack; cutting some corners* the total is $536.20. I purchased everything from Home Depot or Menards. We plan to have it assembled by the end of the week; if any Indianapolis-area team wants to come over, the door’s open.

EDIT: *All 7/16" plywood; clothesline rope instead of chain; some fudging on bold sizes due to in-stock merchandise; we had some hose we’ll use for the stingers; etc. For these reasons, I don’t feel comfortable posting a BoM here until it’s assembled and we’re certain the rack is robust and complete.

ya my team to 2227 has been haveing some trouble with this to. we found every thing online for what we need to buy but it does not give any thing for how tall any given part of the rack is.

it is a bit confusing for me but my team is trying to figure it out, if any one has an imput they think could help i would like it alot.

The three spider legs are at 24", 58", and 92". I assume this is to the center of the leg, not the center of the foot. Overall, the rack is 10’ high and approx. 8’ in diameter.

Here is our list. We did not purchase the fuel hose for the finger, or the tie down straps for the bottom piece to limit it’s movement. We planned on using latex tubing or something.

Shopping List 2007 field.doc (20.5 KB)

Shopping List 2007 field.doc (20.5 KB)

could someone confirm that it is from the center of the spider?

see drawing G07-0004

so unless you buy and make your own the only “rack” available for testing is the one at the competition sight?

Pretty much. Even if you could successfully build a rack, it’ll be very difficult to test real competition conditions.

You should consider contacting other teams in the area and seeing if any of them wants to build a mutually owned rack with your team. You could also see if a local team already building a rack wouldn’t mind your team trying it out for a little while just to see what it’s like in person.

THANKS seriously…that’s a good idea…we’ll do that…:smiley:

Well, we have a rack but what good is it if there are not enough ringers and keepers to go around. Can I find a supplier of the rings on the FIRST website? If not, can somebody tell me where we can order some more. Thanks.

Starting on wednesday, you can order tubes from FIRST. I think that there is a limit on the number of keepers that each team can purchase, but you could just use ringers with tape on them or something like that.

Thanks alot. I was lost in this new FIRST site.