Rack Showcase

Who is Jealous?:smiley:

cool lights we havent completely made our light but we finished the rack

It looks like the set for a low budget sci-fi movie… Pretty nice for practicing though :slight_smile:

is the rack changed now because to my understanding that is not how the lights are arranged.

Yeh, thats definately not how the lights are arranged. They’re spaced at 90 degree intervals, rather than every spider leg. So if you were to take out the middle one, it would be slightly more realistic. In all reality, you should only have one light on 3 columns of legs. If you made another column it would be easier…

how did you guys get the lights working? also how did you mount them? our rack is almost done just we need to mount the lights still

not bad. we stuck to the original design, only we cut it in half.

Actually it might be a good idea to keep all three lights, but then only turn on the outer two or the inside one, depending on which code you want to test.

But of course, that was probably the reason you built it that way in the first place.