Rack's drawing

Hello everybody im Bruno from 1382 team and i have a question: Does anyone know if the Firstbase will put the rack’s drawing from inventor or another part of arena at his website?

Bye cyaa

I know My team got a bunch of inventer drawlings of the rck and everytihng else, but i don’t know where. If you want i could give you the ones we have

please send it for me:

[email protected]

thank you! :slight_smile:
bye and good season

can i also get a drawing of the rack for inventor also? my email is:
[email protected]
thank you!

Can you please send the drawings to me as well? My email address is [email protected]. Thank you very much!!!:slight_smile:

And me please :slight_smile:

[email protected]

also me please

[email protected]


add me to the list:

[email protected]

How about somebody zips up the files and uploads them to the white pages on CD? That way you don’t have to e-mail everybody and everybody has access to them.


Yes, that would make a lot more sense. Plus, as an incentive, its a LOT less work than emailing it to everyone individually.

Sounds good to me.