Rackspace Internship

I just wanted to share another one of those “because of FIRST” stories.

I spent 5 years on Team #245, the AdamBots, creating and managing the team website, creating team graphics and logo, helping create the team’s business plan and also as a project manager.

During the past two years, our team had the awesome opportunity to travel to San Antonio, TX for the Alamo Regional. Rackspace, a growing all-things-cloud company headquartered in San Antonio, was the title sponsor. Long story short, I ended up as an intern at Rackspace after going to the Alamo Regional. I was recently asked to write a blog post about my internship experience which explains my story in more detail.

I have so many people to thank for this awesome opportunity including all the mentors on the AdamBots, Mr. Klee Kleber (Rackspace SVP), Mr. Patrick Felty (FIRST Alamo Regional Director) and the volunteers of the FIRST Alamo Regional, and all the awesome Rackers I have met here.

Thanks you!
Ryan Cesiel

Not totally surprising considering how awesome 245’s website is… Nice blog post, sounds like a wonderful experience.

Thank you! It took quite awhile to get it where it is today :P.

Thank you for sharing your story Ryan ! These are stories that help remind mentors and volunteers how much impact FIRST has on each student’s future.

Maybe we can turn this into a FIRST internship thread where more students will share their internship stories.

FYI, every year when I teach my students about websites, I make them spend 10 minutes analyzing the AdamBots design ! :smiley: