Radio Broadcast of the Granite State Regional

Clear Channel Radio Broadcast of the Granite State Regional.

The Clear Channel Station that is airing it is WGIR AM 610 in Manchester NH (](

It can be heard on I Heart Radio by clicking on this link.

when does the broadcast start?

Brandon, who is announcing? Will they just use the FIRST play-by-play? It always seemed to me like a good radio announcer might make this robot game easier to understand than even a video showing the whole field.

In the past they’ve had someone from WGIR and a FIRST alum talking to the radio audience, not the actual PBP. It’s usually pretty good, but I would try both the webcast and the audiocast to find what works best.

For those of you too young to have a lot of experience with AM radio, WGIR is a 5,000 watt station. During daylight you can hear it for maybe a hundred miles, but when the sun sets you can hear it very far away…If.

If there’s no local AM 610
If you have a decent antenna
If you’re in a “skip” zone (every ~600-800 miles). Folks in Indiana will be able to hear it, folks in PA probably not.

Worth a try in any case, right?

EDIT: Of course, you can tune in to their Internet streaming channel from everywhere there’s Internet

Including your smartphone.