Radio Connection Issue with Video Link to evaluate Problem


We are a rookie team just learning how to run our chassis through wireless control and everything was going well until a new issue popped up with the wireless connection suddenly cutting in and out. We made a video to demonstrate the problem. Any feedback would be much appreciated.




Here are some things to check to get started:

  • Is the radio power cutting in and out?
  • Is the roboRIO power cutting in and out
  • Are the ethernet lights on the roboRIO on? (green solid, orange flashing)
  • Are the firewalls and antivirus sowftware deactivated on your computer (I see a pop up from what looks like an antivirus software)
  • Can you ping the radio? (IP address
  • Can you ping the roboRIO? (IP address or roborio-6889-frc.local)
  • Can you view the roboRIO web dashboard? (open roborio-6889-frc.local in a browser that supports silverlight)

If you can answer all of these questions, that should help us help you fix your problem.

Thanks for the quick response AriMB. We will try those options. We are just learning about how to ping the connections today.

We were disappointed because we did have it working perfectly and this issue just popped up- we are concerned it is the school antivirus or maybe the wifi network not letting our radio communicate, because the power is stable to the roborio and radio.

We had an issue a few years ago with our school, where they “somehow” were doing stuff with their routers to block student’s hotspots (since students were using hotspots to get around the network’s blocked sites). And that resulted in our robo radio also being blocked. They had to whitelist our radio’s mac id to allow it to communicate properly. Again, don’t quote me on this, was just told this information. It was from before my time.

dirtbikerxz - You nailed it. I contacted our system administrator got her to whitelist the radio and in 5 minutes all our problems were resolved. Thanks for your advice!! My students really appreciate it.

You might also want to let your administrators know this: