Radio Firmware Issue

We have not been able to flash firmware or configure our radios. We power our radios, click flash firmware, and we get the following error

We consistently get that on multiple machines and external ethernet adapters. We are not able to configure our radios either.

We had the same problem as well, you want to do what it asks and go to the control panel and such. If you hit the More Help button it’ll walk you through how.

@gcperk20 I will walk over and help you.

30 minutes or it is free


Solution: Pulse Secure VPN client had a hidden network adapter. Once that was disabled from device manager configuration worked as expected.


13 minutes, nice.

Now I’m curious how much Austin charged for the quick service?

He got a granola bar, which is pretty dope in my opinion.


We are getting the same issue but do not have the Pulse Secure VPN installed.

Go to Windows Device Manager, do view -> show hidden devices, and make sure everything in your network adapters is what you expect them to be, if not disable them