Radio/game adapter on robot not working?

Have any teams out there had problems with their radio/game adapter after they went to competition? I’m referring to the black box that goes on the robot and plugs into the cRIO. Because I tried to operate our robot and the radio/game adapter wasn’t communicating with our Linksys router as displayed by the Drivers Station. I know that at competition, all teams had to have their radios/game adapters calibrated by the Field Management System before matches started. Could this have messed something up?

That is exactly it. When you go to competition they encrypt the game adapter. You have to reset it and then set the static ip like you did the first time you used the game adapter.

Simply push the reset button on the back of the adapter with a paper clip while it has power to reset it, then run through the steps in the manual

Ok thank you! I’ll give it a try.

Just pushing reset won’t do it. You need to hold it in for 10 seconds. Alternatively, with power removed, press and hold the reset button and then power on. Continue to hold for 10 seconds. Release it and then configure it as normal.