Radio Install Position

Just a quick questions on the radio position.

We built an electronic enclosure following theRiptide Robotics Design ( Thank you guys !!!)

We are mounting this box in a vertical position, one of the question raised last night was the radio position. Anybody see any issues with the radio being “inside” the enclosure? It is made of 1/8" wall polycarbonate.


Coach Seb



I don’t know about 1/8" polycarb, but the R69 blue box says you should keep your radio away from VRMs & PCMs. However, I haven’t gotten anyone to confirm if problems actually happen when they’re close or what the definitions of “close” and “away” are.

If it was aluminum you might run into problems but you’re probably ok with polycarbonate. Just be careful to avoid things that might cause static to build up on the polycarbonate.

That said, as a general rule, you should try to mount your radio as high and as unblocked as possible.

Being mounted vertically, the electrons might fall out of your radio! :smiley:

Just kidding.

The main power flow is in from the battery/breaker from the left and out to the motor controllers to the top and bottom. I think the VRM has a switching regulator that can be a source of electrical noise radiating through the air but you are also wired to it (conducted emissions are usually worse than radiated emissions) so your radio is probably okay where it is. Is there going to be much metal structure around and especially above, your electronics box? Will the LED’s on the radio and the motor controllers be visible for troubleshooting?

If you are installing a protective panel (hopefully clear) over your box, the sides of the box might not be necessary. This would save you some weight and a bunch of work (next time).

Just make sure that the lights of the radio face towards the outside of the robot. Also, even though I could not find the text in the rules (I thought it was there but I could not find it), you should put the cover back over the PDP supply terminals.

thank you everyone for the feedback and advice…

We are using a clear poly as the cover so we will be able to see the LEDs.

Cover on PDP supply is on!

I did not totally get what you were saying about the side panel, now i do !!! I will tell the kids tonight and see what they want to do! thank you!

Be sure that the dark poly does not contain conductive material and that anything behind the poly is also not conductive. These materials tend to block and reflect RF energy. Is your enclosure horizontal in the robot? that is the optimum mounting for the wireless as the antennas are around the perimeter of the case and when mounted horizontal maximize radiation in the horizontal plane.

I concur with Al. You should only mount the 2017 OpenMesh Radio horizontally without anything around it on any side, in order for WIFI to extend out in a horizontal plane to the playing field AccessPoint.

will do ! thanks

Any help on this thread would be appreciated…

@Coach Seb,

I like the flexibility of the enclosure design!
Where did you find those corner brackets?

Besides light visibility, it’s also useful to have easy access to the power and Ethernet cables on the radio. If there’s on-field troubleshooting, we’ll often ask you to power cycle the radio, or move/swap Ethernet cables.

In practice and early qualification matches, we’re pretty patient with radios that are tough to get to. Later, not as much.