Radio Malfunction

We have a second robot and we have changed the IP address for saftey reasons so now both robots have different IP addresses. We have just finished doing this and we ran into a problem. Our radio (on robot) will not reply a ping from the cmd nor will it download code(using WindRiver). The odd thing is if we directly cable it to the radio (robot) we recieve a reply when it is pinged. Also we recieve battery voltage and niether the radio (on controls) nor the driverstation have problems.

We have tried reseting the radio (robot) and it didn’t work. The problem might relate to the WindRiver(it still uses the old IP address). Could doing a full reset and redo work?

Changing the IP address has probably put it out of the subnet that the computer is configured for. If your subnet mask is, change it to and then every address in the 10.n.n.n range should be reachable.

The subnet mask is at and there is no change.