Radio mounting position

I have read the manual, and I have asked numerous team members, and we have found nothing of this issue. Can we mount the radio in a position that the LEDs will not be visible? We want to mount it under our chassis to save some room and we think it will be just as safe under there.

I was asking my self the same question. I never found anything it just said the LEDs on the rc need to be visible. So i guess yes you could mount it under there, but to be safe you could go to the First Q&A.

Yea, that’s where I’m going next. I just wanted to know what the Delphi community had to say.

Also, thanks for the speedy reply.

EDIT: Now I must wait for FIRST to authorize my account on FIRST Q&A.

Never mount it underneath the chassis. Although there is no rule on this, experience tells us that the antenna should be mounted in the clear (but in a protected spot) and as far away from metal objects as is possible to insure good communication with the OI. The LEDs will tell you a lot about operation if you are having a problem.

We were going to mount it upside down under the chassis and route the antenna through our electrical board so it still points up. We wouldn’t be having the problem of placing the radio someplace this year, except the radios are more than twice as big as the old ones. Does anyone know the reason behind this? I have not seen any improvements or advantages that this monster has other than its easy to find :D.

I HEARD the company making the physical radio changed, and I think since the old one was protected by copyright design laws, the design had to change enough to be functional, but look different.

idk… That’s just what I heard.

It could be for a variety of reasons, but that makes sense and if they did it to have it redesigned year to year… why not make it smaller… I think this was a last minute (so to speak) kinda design change.

But that’s only speculation on my part which we all know is bad, but can’t help doing it.
So… meh.

That still places a lot of material in close proximity to the antenna which will detune it. Placing a critical component under the chassis still subjects it to the odd chance that it will be damaged when you roll over a part dropped by another robot. Protection is still a top priority of devices that will shut down the entire robot.