Radio not configuring properly

I have been trying to configure the radio and keep getting this error.
The radio is connected through Ethernet so I’m unsure of what to do.

I’ve tried the Ethernet cable in both ports. I’m using the new radio. Nothing else is connected through ethernet. All other internet connections are disabled.

Did you try:

I have tried both neither worked.
Would a hard reset help?

Doesn’t hurt to try anything you think of.

Try downloading the firmware process, too. To see if that gets through.

Also, trying a different PC can help.

If that doesn’t work, try a different Ethernet as well. (If you haven’t already)

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I tried another computer and that didn’t work.
What I ended up doing was testing the control system and the same computer with last year’s radio and it worked fine.
It’s probably an issue with the radio it’s self.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with the radio?

I was helping 6127 today, and encountered similar problems with the new radio…we were able to configure the radio from last year OK.

Also, PoE was not working on the new radio, although I forgot to test it on the old one.

Our KOP radio was DOA out of the box, but it also got noticeably warmer and warmer as we were starting to program it, so we stopped.
Bought a new one and it worked fine.

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Good to know thank you

Can confirm. Our team’s new radio and a neighboring team’s new radio both can’t be flashed. Our old radios work fine.

Those of you with non-functional radios in the KOP, have you contacted FIRST?

Not yet, this was discovered yesterday afternoon.

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Just wanted to add our experience to the list – we also had similar issues with the KOP radio and tried the same debugging process as others in here (different computer, different port on radio, run as admin). We will be emailing FIRST tomorrow morning most likely.

By the way, who should we email at FIRST for this? I was going to email [email protected], but if there’s someone else to contact I will email them instead.

Also, the “Missing or Damaged Kickoff Kit Items” section on here doesn’t give me confidence that FIRST will do anything about this at this point in the season. In the future I guess we’ll try to flash the radio earlier in the season?

I’m not sure it’s going to matter too much which email you use, as long as it gets to the FRC group. That one might work, or frcparts@, or frcteams@. I’m sure they can route it internally if it’s the wrong DL

Posted steps that worked for us here:

Setting a static IP address on the adapter used to program the radio worked for us. Problem only existed when clicking the Update Firmware button, IP address automatically as part of the steps performed when clicking the Configure button in the FRC Radio Configuration Utility.

Dumb question but this helped us, is your Rio flashed?

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