Radio not working after competition

After our competition, I cannot reprogram my radio. I am connecting it via Ethernet to my laptop, but it says that it cannot find a bridge. Please help! We have a community event in a few days!

Did you Disable wireless on the PC?

Did you wait for the radio to complete booting?
Double sequence of led progression.

Have you tried a different laptop (with wireless Disabled)?

I have tried all of that, but it says that it cannot find the wireless bridge…

Is the firewall off on your PC?

Does you PC show that it is connected to an ethernet device?

Has Ethernet connectivity been disabled on your laptop? Also try a different Ethernet cable.

Some silly questions. (Unless you are unfamiliar with the process). You are connecting wired? Your wireless Ethernet on your computer is disabled? You are using the 2017 configuration utility with the same team number used at compitetion?

Try resetting your IP address, turn off your wifi, and firewall. Try setting your IP address to your robot’s IP address (ex or whatever your robot default is. Restart your computer and check the IPV4 connections.

Good luck!

Something that hasn’t been mentioned - try airplane mode. My laptop wouldn’t find the radio without airplane mode on and all network devices disabled. No idea why…