Radio problems

So currently I am trying to load firmware and configure a new radio my team got and I’m having a few problems with it. The radio

First is the firmware won’t load on any of the radios(new and old).
I click " load firmware" and then it says “Preparing to load fimware
Error finding NPF device name for adapter: Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller
Try disabling all other adapters (using the Control Panel)” immediately.

Second the old radios are configurable but the new one won’t.
I click "configure then it says “Configuring computer IP address
Checking for bridge at expected IP addresses
Could not locate bridge” after a minute or so
the old radio are working 100% just the new one is say this

I’ve changed computers, ethernet cables, redownload the configuration tool, and disabled all other connections(wifi and bluetooth). In the network connections under the ethernet part for the old radio say things like “network 2” or “network 6” but the only the new radio says “unidentified network” and also takes long to connect than the older ones. I have no idea if I’ve missed something or its just broken.

I’ve had similar seemingly random issues. The trick seems to be a combination of

  • Using the correct USB-to-Ethernet adapter. Some simply won’t work
  • Disabling all other network interfaces
  • Running the radio tool as administrator
  • Doing this right after the radio was powered on, there’s just a short time window where the stars will align and all “works”

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