Radio Problems?

Our team hasn’t been able to connect to our robot via wireless control since it returned from nationals.:yikes: We are able to tether and so we are wondering if any other teams have experienced this problem?:eek: Or if anyone knows why?:ahh: Our student programmer has found that the driver station is reading linksys and not 744 and thinks that is the problem.:confused: So if anyone knows how to update that, it would be helpful.::safety::

Try clearing the encryption. Seems that it won’t work right with the encryption on. There’s a few threads out there about how to do that.

At competition, your WGA bridge was configured to use WPA encryption to connect to the “744” access point. Go into its administration page at and set the security from WPA to None. Or, if you know what the encryption key is (a long string of random-looking characters), you could set the WRT router to have the same one.

The other option is to do a factory reset and follow the original directions to configure it from the beginning.

I don’t know how your programmer is determining what the driver station is doing. It goes by IP address only, and has no concept of an SSID (which is what “linksys” and “744” are examples of).

Thank You I’ll relay this to our programmer.

This thread has instructions on how to reconfigure your wireless setup in order to work.