Radio reconfig issues after Week 2 Regional?

Is anyone else having radio issues after your regional?

We didn’t qualify for anything, so we tried to power up our bot for the administration, but we were unable to connect wirelessly. We tried to run a reconfig on our radio, but it wouldn’t work.

Keep in mind that we’re very green as rookies, but not completely computer illiterate.

It’s expected that wireless connection won’t work after the regional. The firmware they flash at the competition makes it so the radio can only connect to the field.

You said you already tried it, but try following the steps here to program the radio. If you encounter a problem, come back here with specifics about the error.

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The biggest gotcha about flashing a radio is that you need to make sure that you’re running it in admin mode.

Running in Admin mode already. Here’s a picture of what I get when I follow the instructions on WPILib.

I’ve got IPv4 enabled, but IPv6 disabled. Wireless connections are disabled. I’m on Windows 10.

There’s got to be a setting that I’m not totally familiar with that’s messing me up. Maybe within IPv4??

Check to see if IP address is statically configured on another interface such as your WiFi adapter or another Ethernet adapter.

I’ve encountered this error in the past where I accidentally selected another network adapter instead of Ethernet, which resulted in the program configuring the static IP on that adapter. Now, when it tries to configure it on Ethernet, it fails as that address is already in use.

That was it. I had an Ethernet and an Ethernet 3. The original was still set up on that IP, but it wasn’t the one being used.


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