Radio Shack "Team Social" in Atlanta?

Yesterday the FIRST Championship Event Agenda indicated that on Friday night “Radio Shack Presents “Create and Amaze: Real Life Applications Of Robots” Team Social for all teams in Hall C3/4”…

Today the agenda has been revised to say, “RadioShack Presents VEX-Create and Amaze:
Real Life Applications of Robots” Hall C3 5:00-9:00pm" - does anyone know if this is still a “team social”, can anyone attend, or if it is just a promotion for VEX? (We’re interested in VEX but part of the team wanted to attend a Braves baseball game that night so we’re trying to decide what to do)

That’s a presentation on Vex Robotics (Friday night). The Team Social is still scheduled for Saturday night (as it always is for the Championship).


The social on Friday night is both a promotion for VEX as well as an opportunity for your students to meet with some of the top minds in the robotics field and play with their “toys.” I don’t have all the details sitting in front of me, but RadioShack is going all out on this one. From what I hear there will be reps from FutureLab, the founder of the Robo-Olympics and other engineering/non-engineering celebrity figures. They are encouraging all teams to attend. To attend I believe that they will be charging a small entrance fee to cover costs (<=$5). There will be food provided for everyone at the social.

I’ve been told that the actual details (hopefully with more information on the activities available inside) should be coming to you in a email in the near future.

As Matt said the actual FIRST team social is Saturday night as usual.

Thanks for the info, I look forward to hearing more about it!