Radio Shack Vex Crystal Upgrade Kit B

Has anyone acutally seen a Radio Shack Vex crystal upgrade kit B?

I have looked but have yet to find this upgrade kit.



I’ve been scavanging from all the local radioshacks (withing 50 miles, in souther california that’s a lot) and have yet to find a store that has a either A or B. I know it cost twice as much, but you’ll probably have to go to vexlabs (or maybe ebay?).

Unless my brain has clocked out for the day, the B kit was only available online. If you can’t get it there, you’ll probably have to go to VexLabs or elsewhere.

I have both sets.
The B set was only available online as Billfred remembers.
(I’m not sure that’s evidence as to whether your brain has clocked out or not.:slight_smile: )

On line only…that would explain not finding any locally.

If you check the Radio Shack site, it does indicate that they could be searched for locally.

What OTHER Vex stuff was available ONLY on line?



Just the B crystal set.

Thanks for confirmation.

Another question…Radio Shack has been at the 50% off discount for some time…any quess when and if they will discount the Vex stuff any further?



I’m guessing they won’t, or it won’t be for a while. All the RS stores I’ve been too have pretty small and sad looking Vex areas by now, so I don’t think they’re going to be concerned with moving the last few bits all that that quickly.

I have not looked at the vex kits closely enough to know, but is there any reason why you couldn’t just use plain old hobby crystals?

If it’s all in the 75 MHz range, then they are easy to find and cheap.

-Andy A.

Good point.

Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the radios is?

Are the crystals for both the transmitter and receiver a standard size?


The pin spacing on the vex transmitter crystal is wider than the transmitter crystal in my Futaba. It might just need an adaptor.
However, the receiver crystals for both systems are interchangeable.

I did find a Radio Shack that was a clearence center and got A channel for $10.00, Extra transmitter/receiver $26.00, Wheel kit $6.00