Radio triangulation

My team was thinking of using the radio from the robot, a radio from the computer and the field signal to get the robot to triangulate its position in the field. Is that plausible? Is that legal?

Not plausible with the allowed OMAP radio. Also, the driver station computer isn’t allowed to have a radio during a competition event (all wireless communications go through the field radio).

R62 explicitly disallows one leg of the communication you refer to.

Though I don’t mind looking rules up for people, I would highly recommend spending time ensuring you can answer these questions without asking about it online - your ability to get a robot on the field depends on it!

Cell phones can use wifi for indoor position estimation, but accuracy is on the order of 1 meter, and position updates happen on the order of seconds (not milliseconds). This is quite a bit worse than what many teams achieve with a gyro and wheel encoders. The question, in a way, could be rephrased - can you beat Google, with additional hardware constraints?

It would be interesting to fiddle with though. Wifi Localization is a subject of active academic research.

You can use another form of electromagnetic wave to determine your position:

Visible light!

By looking at the vision targets around the field, you can get a good estimate of your position. OpenCV has a function that can help you do this called solvePnP.


Furthermore, software like Chameleon Vision already has that implementation work done for you: You just have to stick the image on a raspberry pi.


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