Radio Wireless Connection Issues

My team has been working on the programming of our robot and we’ve come into an issue when it comes to untethering the robot.
We have no connection issues when it comes to connecting to the robot via USB, but we aren’t able to connect wirelessly. We can connect to the signal the radio is giving off, but driver station doesn’t show any indication of being connected. We imaged the roboRio and configured the radio already, and we aren’t sure what else we should do to troubleshoot the problem.
Any help we could get we would appreciate. :smiley:

  • Is the roboRIO Ethernet cable plugged into the radio port closest to the power connection?

  • Turn off all firewalls, anti-virus, and third party network management software on your PC. Those all can block communications depending on how they were configured.

  • Disable all other network connections (Disable not unplug)

  • Check the status lights:
    The roboRIO Ethernet port should show both yellow and green status lights.

  • Is the radio powered by one of the VRM 12v/2a connections? The 12v/500ma connection doesn’t supply enough power for the wifi to reliably operate.

  • With the PC connected to the radio wirelessly, use another PC to connect directly to the roboRIO via a USB cable. Use a web browser (IE or Firefox) to go to and see what Ethernet address was given to the roboRIO. It will be on the front page.
    Type that Ethernet address directly into the Driver Station where the team number usually goes to see if that allows the Driver Station to establish communication with the roboRIO.
    Ping that address from the PC to see if it’s reachable. You can also try pinging roborio-6026-frc.local, roborio-6026-frc.lan, roborio-6026-frc.frc-robot.local

  • Do you have last year’s radio to try?