Radioactive Bathroom

Our Northrop Robotics Engineer Rick Wagner brought in his geiger counter to show us the problem with our bathroom.


That’s scary. Did you believe there was a problem before hand and that’s why he brought in the gieger counter? It appears as soon as it neared the tile on the wall it went crazy but not on the floor or out in the room. Could possibly be the tile, the grout, the mastic (glue) behind the tile, something in or on the other side of the wall, or a cleaning sollution used. Is there more of the same tile or wall materials in another room you could try it on? To be honest I’ve never walked around with a gieger counter so who knows how many common materials could have a radioactive reading. I do know some, if not all, smoke detectors contain radioactive material (sealed within the unit).

Look on the bright side, if you turn of the lights and the walls glow it will act like a night light!!! :smiley:

Dr Rick do.
chuckle He’s shown in his robotics classes some common ceramics that were radioactive, and knew the bathroom tiles would be.

He’s a great guy and mentor.

That is amazing! I never thought ceramic, of all things, was radioactive. I definitely learned something today. So that’s why coffee always tastes better in a ceramic cup! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since those tiles are yellow (and probably old), there is a chance they were painted with that one stuff that was painted on plates way back in the day. I saw a demo of this back in highschool, but I can’t remember what the plates were called.

Exactly. I’m at home for the moment, Rick’s at the shop, I’ll ask him and post it.

The glaze is a uranium glaze. The tile company is called FiestaWare and made tiles and pots in I believe the 1950’s.

… and it keeps the coffee warmer longer!


Reminds me of the video we watched in History the other day…

The Atomic Cafe

Thats just a little creepy…radioactive bathroom…

wonders if wall could be used as a night light

I dont know…thats just strange :]

Hmmmmm… Our bathroom is radioactive…

Somehow I’m not surprised.

Maybe that explains the smell! :smiley:

ironically enough, all of the tiles surround the urinals…lol… sorry guys.

… but Rick said that simply using the bathroom is fine, someone would have to sleep on the tiles over night in order to develope any residual symptoms… such as developing cancer :ahh: but it’s still scary…

Old fiesta ware is the same way. I believe orange was the worst, so much in fact that I’ve been warned not to eat off OLD orange fiesta ware. (old as in really old.) Not sure if today’s fiesta ware is radio active I haven’t checked in a while.

Old fiestaware is radioactive because uranium was used to obtain that nice orange color. New fiestaware is not radioactive. you can get the old stuff in antique stores for about 20 bucks a plate. Interesting that old watches used radioactive sources to paint the dials so they would glow in the dark. unfortunately, the people that painted the dials developed cancer of the tonge. why tongue? well, how do you make your brush nice and pointy?..

Interesting you brought up the watches. Right here in Connecticut were alot of watch and clock manufacturers. Only about five minutes from where I am is the old Seth Thomas factory, now subdivided and leased out. There was a story in the paper months ago on how some of the sections of the building show radioactive readings. Why, because these are the rooms where they painted the dials and spilled the uranium from time to time. They mentioned how some of these people developed cancer of the mouth and tongue. Also during WWII these companys retooled and made compasses for the war effort.

Just be glad that the men’s room at your school isn’t pink!! lol

Let’s hear it for WHS ladies and gentlemen… :rolleyes:

[quote=Elgin Clock]Just be glad that the men’s room at your school isn’t pink!! lol QUOTE]

:yikes: Who told you about our plan to paint the bathroom?[/quote]

Unfortunately Elgin’s not joking! Except for the tan tile floor and white fixtures everything is bright pink! :ahh: They did this a few years ago, from what I was told, because kids were hanging out in there and smoking so they found the brightest pink color they could find for the bathroom with the thought of “Who would hang out in here?”. Note they only did this to the mens room. Now if they really wanted to stop people from hanging out in there they should frame and post this “Radioactive Bathroom” thread on the wall! :smiley:

As a side note when I went to school there it was the typical school green. You don’t know how much I really miss the green!

I didn’t think he was joking, and neither am I. We almost did that a year? ago.

LOL, we weren’t going to paint the whole bathroom…just the urinals. :stuck_out_tongue: Toobad school didn’t allow it, party poopers. :frowning:

It wouldn;t have been that bad considering the bathroom is for guys & girls, it would of been amusing though.