Radioactive Rumble June Off Season Event

Teams 1690 and 2096 are pleased to announce Radioactive Rumble, an Israeli off-season event that will take place on June 8th in Dimona, Israel.
The event will feature 13 teams competing in a 3v3 like the regular Infinite Recharge competitions.
To comply with COVID regulations, each team is allowed to bring up to 30 students/mentors, 2 of which are required to be volunteers in the event. As COVID restriction is heavily lifted in Israel, All students (vaccinated or not) can attend the competition. Masks, as usual, will be mandatory, there will be a 5 person limit in each pit, seating will be spaced out as much as possible, and no eating inside the venue (to limit unmasking time).

The following rule changes will be applied:

  • Power cell configuration at the Auto phase will be by the teams choice (2020 or 2021)
  • Teleop rules according to 2020 rules
  • Event scoring will not include the lower goal
  • Control Panel according to 2020 rules with some modification: there will be no tracking on for color. Phase 2 will require 3 spins, Phase 3 will require 5 spins
  • End Game according to 2020 rules
  • Finished Phase 3 and 65 points in Auto equals a ranking point each.
  • Rendevous extrusions will be placed in the field
  • Finals will be composed of 4 alliances.

The field will be an official FIRST field with automatic scoring in both goals and a modified version of Cheesy Arena. We would like to thank First Israel for their willingness and support by allowing us to use the official field

Live stream is in collaboration with FIRST Updates Now, link will be posted on the day of the event.

2021-06-08T04:00:00Z Pits open
2021-06-08T06:00:00Z Practice matches start
2021-06-08T07:00:00Z Qualifications start
2021-06-08T10:00:00Z Lunch break
2021-06-08T10:30:00Z Qualifications resume
2021-06-08T14:15:00Z Alliance selection
2021-06-08T14:30:00Z Eliminations Start
2021-06-08T16:00:00Z Finals
2021-06-08T17:00:00Z Day ends

Teams competing:

We would like to thanks team 2096 for hosting the event!

See you there! (or in the live stream :wink:)


Can’t make it in person, but looking forward to watching the livestream!

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I see the match schedule published, but still no link for the webcast :worried: … Planning to watch some qualification at breakfast in the morning…

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The webcast is on the official FUN Twitch channel:

Stream is live although matches won’t start for a bit. Check it out now or when us North Americans wake up at it should be heading into playoffs

The livestream doesn’t seem to be working. I think this is a problem on Twitch’s end though (because their whole site seems to be bugging out right now)

Edit: It’s working now using a VPN so maybe it’s something to do with international IPs? No clue

Seems alright here

Fastly is/was down, taking down sites like Twitch with it.

Quick update: alliance #1 gets only two robots while the rest get 3, because we’re only 11 teams competing

Semifinals are going on RIGHT NOW in Israel at the Radioactive Rumble! Check it out at Twitch

Semis ended just this moment, alliances #1 and #2 progress to the finals

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