Radios dont like each other?

For some reason our radios dont seem to like each other, we can hook up the and run the robot well with the tether, but our radio has stopped functioning for no reason, we’ve done the test procedure and we even tried them with the default code and updated mastercode. The OI radio keeps transmitting, while the Robot’s radio just stand bys.

Any ideas?

I really hate it when people say somthing so easy when I have a question, and i feel liek (I ovciosly checked that)

but here I go anyways…

Are the team dipswitches on the OI and RC the same?

I believe this year the OI automatically is set via tether when the RC dipswitches are set.

A problem I’ve seen happen quite often… sometimes the room your in actually acts like a sponge with the radio signals. Have you tried placing the 2 radios very close to each other and/or going to another room? If that doesn’t work, I’d think it’s most likely that one or both of the serial cables connected to the radio(s) is bad, which happens from time to time… try using another 9-pin serial cable.

Hey guys, im on the team with scilenced. One day we were driving around using the modems, then we turned it off to work on a speed controller. While they were doing that, others (myself and a few) set the team #. When we turned the bot back on, nothing.

Just wanted to let you guys know what happened before, during and after they ceased functions

Oh, you need to plug them together with the tether when you set the team number. I dont know if you need to set it back to zero now and reset the number or if you can just plug them together and it will work, but what I would do is hook them together with the tether, give them a few seconds to get connected, make sure the link is working, then uplug the tether and try the radio again. If it still doesnt work then set the team number back to zero, plug in the tether, then reset the team number.

bingo, thanks. Gus, let me know if you cna do that anytime tomorrow, if not, ill come in during block A.

I’m going to be working on it Block E cause we got that new serial thing… I might be able to miss gym for the bot.

Who the hell needs gym anyways :smiley:

Thanks for the help