Radius Tubing w/ COTS bearing blocks

Just like in this post, our team has ended up with rectangular rounded 2x1 tubing and we want to use thrifty or other cots elevator bearing blocks, but the thrifty elevator block bearings only make about half of their rounded face contacting the tube, are there any optimal solutions we could use to be able to accomplish this?
P.S. We know we could use the rev tubing and it would be lighter, but we have a lot of this radiused stuff.

Are you making a 2 stage or 1 stage elevator? If it’s just a 1 stage (and therefore you don’t need more than one set of bearing blocks to share one tube and pass by each other), you can add more spacers behind the Thriftybot bearings so that they run in the middle of the rounded 1x2 tubing you have, rather than just the edge.

We’re leaning more towards a 2 stage elevator, I assume spacers wouldn’t work in this situation because of interference between the blocks?

Yep. With 2 stages, the intermediate stage needs to share the tube between two bearing blocks that pass each other - so there isn’t much room to space the bearings out more. In that case, you probably need to source some square-corner tubing.

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