RAGE 173 Official Teaser

This is a video of our arm in action, it is 12’ 6" long and can extend fully in about 3 seconds.


More pictures to come soon.

Oh… my… lord that’s fast.

Make sure you guys post a video sometime lifting a tetra into the air, can’t wait to see that :slight_smile:

Looks good; can’t wait to match you in the LI regionals this year.
Looks like you went the same way as us, with a motor to extend the arm.

“That right there is one big sprocket”

WHOA… that thing is nice… looks solid and reliable and the perfect speed to maneuver a tetra onto a goal with. Good Luck!

Yes that is a big sprocket, it is 16 inches in diameter 190 teeth. Takes about 1.5 hrs to mill

Pictures can be found here http://rage173.org/photo.php?catid=29

Looks good; can’t wait to match you in the LI regionals this year.

We will not be attending LI again this year, but we will be attending UTC New England, Chesapeake, and The Championship Event.

Wow, that’s one cool arm! I honestly wonder what your drive base is going to be like :wink: .

It looks like you almost hit that guy!
Nice arm all the same.

Just remember Erin you are sworn to secrecy!!!(Erin has been visiting us while we build over the weekend.)

No our engineer was about 2 feet away, and the videographer was my dad, so I would have just laughed if it had hit him.

Well after looking at the pics on their sites it appears to be a two speed transmission 6 wheel drive with gearboxes similar to andymarks (I couldn’t really tell if they were but it looked like it). Sweet looking bot by the way, can’t wait to see it in action… http://rage173.org/photo/1108353758DSC03880.JPG

Yes, they are AndyMarks. There is only 1 CIM in each transmission in the picture, but I’m putting in the second one, so each transmission will have 2 CIMs.

Do you really need all that torque? I am getting worried… We are using an 8 tooth to a 54 tooth, and our arm looks remarkably similar to yours as far as weight goes…

Edit: What are those little metal finger type things that are laying against the shaft for your arm?

Our arm currently weighs just over 20 pounds, and our arm extends 12’ 6" or so, and the weight it deals with requires that large of a sprocket, we will also have one gas spring on either side of the arm.

Do you mean these little finger things? (left side of the picture)

Those are limit switches. There will be a collar on the shaft of the arm that will trigger the switch when rotated to a position. We use them to automatically stop the arm from either going too far backward (and falling over) or from ramming the arm into the ground.

i just have one question… does it still go that fast going upwards w/ a tetra on the arm??

I only noticed one thing that you may have a problem with, when the arm fully extended it moved down a little which may be a bigger problem with the tetra weight on it, because it may warp a little or it may not be able to retract. Still very impressive tho.

Just some thoughts

Thats a shame… I guess we may match you in nationals then, there is a chance.

The arm is never ment to be extented out that far when its horizontal.
only about a foot or two. Software will not allow our drivers to do it.
The machine knows exactly how far the arm is out at all times.