RAGE Pasta Diner

RAGE, team 173, will be hosting a Pasta Diner fundraiser on Saturday December 10th at Burnside United Methodist Church in East Hartford, CT.
The church is located at:
16 Church St
East Hartford, CT

There will be continuous seating from 5-7pm.
Tickets are $8 for adults, $5 for seniors and children 5-12 years old, and children under 4 are admitted free.

To reserve tickets either call (860)543-2232 or (860)712-8384.
Or, you can PM, e-mail, IM, or call me (860)335-2347.


It’s not too late to reserve a ticket but they’d like to know by Wed. Dec. 7 so they can plan for food.

I’ll be there and I hope that some of my fellow FIRSTers will come and support RAGE, too! (and so I have someone to eat and talk with…) :slight_smile:

How much can you make from these dinners?

It is dependent on a lot of things, of course, like poor weather, can you get some of the food donated, can you get a hall donated to hold it in, etc. but I’ve heard of teams making $600-1,000 per dinner.

One of my other youth organizations does a pasta dinner every year and we typically pull in ~$1200.
However, we also run an associated Chinese Raffle with donations solicited from local businesses, we get food donated from a local grocer, and the hall belongs to our sponsor. The only real expense is the purchase of several small items to round out the raffle baskets and one big ticket item to increase outside raffle sales.

Another note: We cook outside using big propane burners. Originally the burners were borrowed from the local fire dept., but we eventually purchased our own, so that was an additional one-time expense. They also get stored in my garage, so I had to give up some personal space too.

P.S. Did RAGE get a good turnout?

We do one every year, and we usually get at least 2K out of it (we also do a raffle/silent auction every time, so that helps a lot.) We hold it at our church (all the team members go there and our school is run out of the church) and get spaghetti sauce donated by a local restaurant. Team members cook the pasta at home and bring it for final heating in the church kitchen, and they also make brownies. Salad has to be bought, as do items for the raffle and silent auction.

One word of caution - if you serve food and sell it, you may be subject to local health codes. Check ahead of time to be sure. Also, raffles are not allowed in some states without permits. Better to be safe than sorry!

But you don’t have to call it a raffle, call it a, “Take a Chance” then it’s legal. :yikes:

RAGE had our best turnout yet. We had seating for 104 people and it was busy the whole night.
Thanks to the FIRSTers that showed up to support our team.


I am glad to here your event was a success.

We recently had our annual Spaghetti Dinner at our local firehouse where indoor kitchen accommodations were available. This year we added raffles to increase profit. We assigned individual team members specific duties, which they maintained throughout the night. Parents also aided in the efforts. The tickets were sold $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child under 6 years old. To increase awareness we submitted an advertisement to 8 different newspapers. These items combined with a great turnout made it our most successful dinner yet!

If you have any questions regarding Fundraising or other ways to raise money, feel free to contact me at [email protected]