RAGE Teaser Videos

Hello everyone here are 2 teaser videos that RAGE has released so far.


You need quicktime to play the videos though.

Impressive. I can see at least one CIM motor in the second video. Is that a large or a small CIM, and is there only one? Looks good either way!

Currently we are still in the prototyping phase and it is running only one CIM motor. And since it is a proto we used an old CIM so it is a small CIM motor yes.

Looks good. I especially like the robust loading method. :wink:

Good thing we’re allowed to extend out to 60". :wink:

I saw that prototype in person a few says ago, and it really is impressive! :cool:

It sounds just like ours: LOUD!

Impressive … got any details (rpm, roller/wheel size, etc.)?

Do you know what your “exit velocity” is? It looks pretty fast to me.

Awww come on now, you guys should know its just a teaser of a prototype but yea we do have some data, I am just not in a position to currently release any of it. Pluse I am not sure if we will even end up using it in our final design… I haven’t seen those quite yet.

Impressive! if you could use that loading method in competition… you would be unstopabble

haha i see why these videos are “teaser” videos. i wonder how you guys would load it during comps…

holy muffin. that’s pretty insane.

Sweet! Sounds like you all are off to a good start. At least better than us.

.:wipes off drool:.

I pick rage’s prototype for my dodgeball partner

Looks great

And the opponent is?

<drum roll>

Not us. sigh, with tear in eye You guys rocked Chesapeake too hard to come back and help us. For anyone interested != means “does not equal” or “is not equal to”

All i have to say is nice… but see i think a real teaser has to make you wonder what it is and scare you to death. I mean with these type of teasers at least you ahve some idea of how its being shot. I don’t know it’s hard to put what i think in words sometimes especially when i ahve 50 other theings on my mind related to FIRST 25 related to school and 40 related to other thigns in my life. LOL, those are rough estimates :smiley:

On a scale of 1 to 20, I’d give it a 20, meaning these videos attracted 20 people around one computer at our last team meeting when I found them. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see the finished product, guys.

Agreed, I’d give it a 200 on that exact same scale because our teacher advisor vetoed traction wheels.

Now imagine you paired up with a good harvester that hoards all the balls and just feeds it all on to your shooter. massive scoring :slight_smile: