Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Breakaway Human Foosball

For this year’s fun event at the 2010 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus we are going to do a version of Foosball with human players on the Breakaway field.
The basic rules are player have to stay in their zones and score from those zones without crossing bumps or lines to interfere with the other players or a point will be deducted from your teams score. Defenders are allowed to defend balls with their hands but are not allowed to advance them with their hands. Only with their feet. Ifc they are caught illegally advancing balls they will have a point deducted from their score.
There are three versions of the game I have come up with.
Version 1 and Version 2 are both 3 on 3 games.
Version one has the teams scoring in the goals on their side of the field.
Version two has the teams scoring in both goals in the opposite scoring zone.
Version 3 is two on two with the defender having to guard both goals instead of having a player parked in front of the goal full time.

So which version sounds the best?

Go with version 2. opposite zone scoring.

I think the players in the near zones should be tied together with a length of rope so they are forced to move together foosball style! Can’t wait to see this live.

Any game with two players on D will just be them sitting on the ledge, catching a ball, punting it out, rinse, repeat. Version 3 or “regular breakaway” positions would be best IMO

Assuming by ledge you mean the small ramp leading to each goal then I agree. Unless both players are tied together with a short enough rope that prevents them from blocking both goals.

If your not going to tie them together then I agree, go with version 3

Tying kids together is asking for trouble.They will be tether free.
I personally think version 2 is much much better.
It’s too easy to guard those small goals with two people.

Oooooh this sounds fun!

Anyway, versions 1 and 2 are more team oriented, but version 3 is more competitive. I’d probably go for version 3 because, as Chris said, then it’s just players standing in front of the relatively small goals. Depending on skill levels, it’ll be nearly impossible to score, pending any limitations to goal guarding.

So, version 3, I believe, will be more exciting. Although I like the 3v3 more than the 2v2, the potential issue of having to defenders in 3v3 makes me a little skeptical about it.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to make 3v3 work. The best I can come up with is having 4 players in the center, but this may turn into mayhem.

I like the idea for the tying the 2 defenders together also. You could use bungee cords to keep them from getting jolted. If that is not an option I say choice 3 is best, the n scoring on own side, and 2 defenders is a last option. Can mentors play?

Ed is a party pooper. I like Jason’s idea. Let’s make this a portable version of the inflatable tethered basketball game at the Wrap Party…

Put the human players in a zone in sumo suits and tether them together with bungee cord. Problem solved!