Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Committee Invites!!

The Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Committee would like to formally invite all teams in the area to participate in the planning of this awesome event! We need at least 10 more members to cover all of the commitees so come help us out!!

Our next meeting is Wednesday May 24th!!

Some guidelines:

  1. Must be flexible to meet over the summer (we meet every other week through August, usually wed & thurs)
  2. Must be able to meet Thursdays September through the end of October
  3. We can have up to 4 people from any paticular team.
  4. Any student interested in joining is welcome to, but MUST come with a mentor/adult.

And for anyone interested in the details, the preliminary plans are (not final yet!):
October 27-29th
October 27th 2-10pm setup, 8-9pm practice rounds
October 28th 7am-9pm event
October 29th 10am-2pm Cleanup

Registration fee will be only $100 and space is unlimited until we have finalized a location.

Email me if you would like to help out… we order dinners from a local place and meet at the XCats site. I will send you more info for the next meeting!!